Life is Like a Football Game!

To begin with, I should tell you that I homeschool my three girls; which means I am always looking for educational opportunities.  I should also tell you that—being a Seattle native—I was a Seahawk fan LONG before it was cool, and LONG before they ever won anything.  In the late 1980s the Seattle Seahawks had one of the best wide receivers in football (the one and only, Steve Largent!!) and, I’m sorry to say, no hope of ever winning much of anything.  None the less, I went to most of the home games for several years, decked my car out with blue and green ribbons, proudly wore my blue & green, and screamed as much as I could with the other 12s in the Kingdome. It wasn’t easy being a Seahawk fan in those days.  We told ourselves, “Just wait—be patient and keep fighting. Our time is coming. You’ll see.”

We had long to wait.

I watched Super Bowl XLVIII from my hotel room at Disney World with my husband (who fell asleep—he’s never claimed to be a football fan!), while our 3 daughters closed out the Magic Kingdom with their aunt and uncle, but it was this last game, the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers, that I got my new metaphor for life!

There I sat in my living room staring at my TV screen; with 5 minutes left in the game, we were down 19-7. Just five little tiny minutes left to go. 300 seconds. The loudest stadium in the NFL was silent.  I was becoming despondent, figuring out what it would take to win and thinking about how gloomy I was going to feel for the next several days. What we really needed was an act of God.

And then, with less than 3 minutes left in the game, Russell Wilson ran into the end zone for a touchdown!

Next came the onside kick and, incredibly, the Seahawks ended up with the ball again.  They moved the ball down field *again* and scored *another* touchdown with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Instead of kicking for the extra point, an awesome play was made for a 2 point conversion. The game was now 19-22 Seahawks, with around 1 minute to play.

The Packers got the ball and after a series of plays, scored 3 more points with a field goal. The game was tied at 22 with 19 seconds on the clock.

Are you kidding me? I was in total shock.

The Seahawks won the overtime coin toss. They took possession of the ball again. They moved the ball down the field again, and Wilson passed down field to Kearse. Touchdown!!  Seahawks win.

To say I was wild with excitement would be an understatement. I was jumping up and down, shouting for joy, crying.  My 11-year-old daughter looked at me like she had never seen me before.  The presentation of the trophy came on the TV, and there was Steve Largent up on the podium—my most favorite Seahawk of ALL TIME—I started crying again.  When the dust settled and the interviews were over, my daughter looked at me and said, “Why were you crying?”

I could I put into words the enormity of what I was feeling?

I told her that this game was a perfect metaphor for life and that I did not want her to ever forget it. I told her I had been a Seahawk fan for almost 30 years, and all that time they never won much of anything.

I told her: there will be times in your life when you feel beaten, when you’ve messed up (was it 4 interceptions that Russell Wilson threw in the game?), when it seems like all is lost and there’s no possible way out.  But that is exactly when you cannot give up! Keep believing in your team. Keep believing in yourself, because God doesn’t make failures. And most importantly, keep believing that God has a plan for you.  That His plan is usually better than you could think or imagine, and that His glory will be revealed in the end.

The moral of this story is what Russell Wilson said, through tears, right after the game when a reporter asked him, “What are you thinking right now?”

This is what he said.

“God is so good…… All the time……. Every time.”

So in the end, life is like a football game.



For more information on the Seahawk’s journey since the 1980s, check out this article:


2 thoughts on “Life is Like a Football Game!

  1. Great blog, Julie…it’s been a pleasure watching you grow up into the amazing mom, wife and sister in Christ that you have become. After that championship game, I got on Russell Wilson’s Facebook page and made a comment to him that went something like this…”Russell, I’m not sure that God cares anything about the game of football, but what He does care about is the faith and humble hearts of the men who kneeled before Him in prayer, before, during and after the game. You are an excellent example to both young and old alike!


    1. Thanks SO MUCH Lori! Russell is such a great example, isn’t he? I love his humble heart and giving nature. The pictures of him at Seattle Children’s Hospital get me every time. Bless you for reading my blog! 🙂


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